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Since the dissolution of his previous band, Dark Days or Fair, Patrick Watters (vocalist and guitarist of Le Revenant) found it difficult to regain his creative spark for writing music. His sister was a constant source of encouragement and wanted to see his passion come to life.

Little could have prepared Patrick for the kind of motivation that would soon drive him in the form of unfathomable grief when Melanie Watters, Pat’s sister, suddenly passed away in her sleep at the age of 32.

From the date of that tragic event, Patrick began writing and playing with renewed dedication to fulfill the promise made to his late sister. This process was a boon that helped Pat navigate his mourning process.

From August 2017, a friend, François-jr Toupin (drummer of Le Revenant), reached out about getting together to play some music and to help Pat work through some of his grief. It became clear as songs began to pour out that a band had to be formed. The band began its journey to find a bass player to complete the trio. A few months and several tryouts later they found Johanie Beaulieu (bassist of Le Revenant, formerly of the Alibi) who has proven to be an invaluable source of insight and support as the band strives to meet its goals.

In September 2019 Le Revenant will be releasing its debut LP in honor of Melanie’s memory.

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