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Our Story

Founded in memory of lead vocalist Patrick Watters' late sister, Melanie, in 2017, Le Revenant is pleased to be releasing its sophomore album, EP Part1.

Before her passing, Patrick had dabbled with music but in recent years he’d lost his dedication to it. However, Melanie had always wanted to see him do something with his music as she had great belief in his talent. Not wanting to let his sister down, Patrick returned to music with a renewed motivation and passion.

Patrick worked on his music solo, until August 2017, when his friend, François-Jr Toupin (drummer of Le Revenant), reached out about getting together to play some music and to help Patrick work through some of his grief. It became clear as songs began to pour out that a band had to be formed. The band began its journey to find a bass player to complete the trio. A few months and several tryouts later they found Johanie Beaulieu (bassist of Le Revenant, formerly of the Alibi) who proved to be an invaluable source of insight and support as the band strove to meet its goals.

Since 2017, Le Revenant has gone through a few changes. This album features bassist William Trottier-Jackson who took over from Johanie Beaulieu in 2020. William has brought confidence and a new perspective on bass playing which was instrumental in the writing of EP Part1.

It is with great hope and anticipation that the members of Le Revenant present you with their new album in April 2022. May you find as much joy in this new album as they did in creating it. With influences from bands such as Deftones, Chevelle, and Tool, this alum is sure to satisfy your 90s/2000s Nu/Alt-Metal cravings.

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